Help, my cat keeps scratching my furniture. What should I do?
08.02.2022 | Purrini |

1. Understanding and changing scratching behavior

(1)Appreciate the purpose of cat scratching

Please believe that cats scratching the furniture is never intended to make you feel bad. Cats scratch furniture because it is a great way to exercise their muscles, stretching their entire body from paws to legs and shoulders to backs. In addition, scratching sharpens the cat's claws and cleans the cat's outer sheath.

Cats also leave scents on their paw furniture that are indistinguishable from humans. But to cats and other animals, this odor is obvious and meaningful.

(2) Stay patient and understand the "cat"

I'm sure we all love our kittens and cherish the precious relationship you have with each other. A cat can know when you are caring for it, and it will definitely return the favor. If cats feel that they are getting attention and praise, they will do their best to please their human companions.

Over time, with repeated loving practice, your cat should not be in the habit of scratching the furniture, but rather using something else to replace their scratching.

(3)Buy at least one cat scratch board or other items that they can scratch for your cat

A cat scratch board is the best choice to solve this problem, but it takes time to encourage your cat to use it.

Before buying a cat scratch board, you need to consider what kind of cat scratch board is suitable for your cat. When the cat stands on its hind legs, the height of the cat's claw board should be at least as high as that of the cat. The cat scratch board must be stable to ensure that the cat will not shake when using the cat scratch board with force.

Cat scratch boards are also available in different sizes and types. For example, some cat scratch boards are placed flat, while some cat scratch boards are vertical. You can prepare several different cat scratch boards for cats at the same time. It's better to have something than nothing. Some cats like to scratch on horizontal surfaces, such as carpets. At this time, the horizontally placed cat scratch board is a good choice for them.

If your cat always likes to scratch the sofa, place a cat scratch board next to the sofa, which is more attractive to it.

You can also hang a toy it likes on the cat rack so that it will use the cat rack for playing with toys.

 2.Stop bad scratching behavior

(1) Use your tone to correct their behavior

Whenever your cat approaches a piece of furniture with scratches, a sharp "no" sound can help it reduce its interest in scratching the furniture. Please note that cats may learn not to scratch when you are on the scene, or they may continue to scratch furniture when you are away because they directly associate punishment with you.
(2)Use water to stop the bad behavior of cats

If you have a bottle of water, you can try spraying it when the cat gets close to the furniture and starts scratching it. It's best to do this before they start scratching. Water won't hurt the cat, but it will help the cat connect scratching furniture with uncomfortable water spray!

(3) Distract the cat

Sometimes you just need to use your body to stop the cat from scratching the furniture. Remove them from the scratch and let them do something else. Try to give them a toy to play with, or touch them for a while.

3、 Limit the cat's ability to catch things

(1)Trim the cat's paws neatly

Because cats scratch in part to make their claws more comfortable, you can help your cat trim their claws regularly.

If you don't know how to trim a cat's paws, be sure to learn from an experienced cat friend or veterinarian. This is necessary, because if you don't do so, the cat may be seriously injured.

Praise cats when they trim their claws and let them know that you care about them.

Use special cat nail clippers.

(2)Give your cat some outdoor time as much as possible

If your cat is not afraid to stay outside, try to take your cat out. Sometimes they use their claws on a tree and encourage them to do so (unless it hurts the tree). Because using nature as a place to scratch will certainly reduce their desire to use your furniture.