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Purrini™ 2 In 1 Hair Brush Cleaner For Your Cat & Dog

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Tired of having your pets shed their fur everywhere?

Take the fur out of your furniture! Our 2-in-1 Pet Hair Brush Cleaner for Pets makes grooming your furry buddy as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Make the most out of every pet playtime with a hairbrush and roller in one handy device!

Here’s How:

Comfy Combing - Hard on loose hair, not on the skin. Resin-coated beads at a 140° angle ensure groom time is fun not just for you but also for your pets! Sticks in One Go - Remove unwanted hair and scraps in no time. Effortlessly covers a wide area, with an oblique design for a convenient tear-and-use!

Easy To Clean - Enjoy a hassle-free clean-up with one push of a button. Comes with a sanitary dust cover to keep it neat when not in use!

100% Eco-Friendly - Features a replaceable core for sustainable use over time. Non-toxic and safe that your pets will definitely appreciate!
Built to Last - Made with durable and high-quality ABS material with stainless steel bristles to protect against rusting throughout the years.

Say goodbye to dead hair everywhere. If you’re looking for a quick, effective solution to those pesky sheds, then look no further. Whether you’re a certified cataholic or a dedicated dogophile, our 2-in-1 Pet Hair Brush Cleaner has got you covered!

Order yours today and never see loose fur in your house again!

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