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The Paradise Set

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We saw how common it was for cats to enjoy climbing – and for their humans to feel left out of that activity altogether. Rather than waiting around for someone else to come up with a solution, we got to work and asked ourselves where the two species' interests crossed paths.

By owning one set of Purrini PlayMate, you can build it into any configurations you like. Cottage, tree, castle or playground...you name it! 

Whether they like being up high, or like hiding in closed-in spots, you may change the configuration as their moods change and never get them bored.

Purrini PlayMate helps you save the expense on various pet products and never bores your pets as you could change the configuration very often. 

The blocks are engaging enough that they can reinvigorate your family's bonding time. From pre-schoolers to middle-schoolers to adults to seniors, anyone can find something to smile about, when you fill your afternoon with a little human-animal bonding time – and PlayMate is excellent for that.

Any time you pull out your PlayMate, you get to pull out your creativity as well. You can change your PlayMate, figuring out another configuration – and another, and another. You can even chat with other pet owners to exchange your ideas, turning PlayMate into a community effort.

As groundbreaking as it is, PlayMate doubles as a storage device. You can use the individual pieces to store your other pet's toys or anything else that is lying around your house. Isn't great for the home storage solution?

Focusing on accessibility, we have created PlayMate to break down into its modular pieces quickly so you never need to feel attached to any of your creations. It also works as a perfect solution to help the rescued kittens with their adjustment to family living.

Now you don't have to worry about pills from naughty kids and equally naughty pets. The Purrini Playmate panels are 100% water-resistant.

Made of eco-friendly felt, stainless steel frame and waterproof plastics, the panel weights less than 6oz each and still holds pets up to 32lbs.

Velcro straps and stainless steel frame make everything tight and straight.

Warranty Policy

We offer hassle-free 7-day returns and a one-year product warranty for the Purrini PlayMate you purchased.

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Purrini Users’ review session

They love it. I love it..many hours of fun and still modules left to create mini nests! I may need to buy a bigger house, thank you Purrini!
Received our shipment today...YAY! Unpackaging was exciting with all our extra help LOL! Put together a random structure and the kitties loved it. Sat down and built an octagon fence which was occupied before it was completed.
Your cat will love it: it’s great as a playground or a place to chill. Our kitty loves jumping inside and out, or from one side to the other. It is sometimes used as a hiding place before a jump on hooman’s legs.
Our cats are extremely happy (all that matters) and my girlfriend and I had a fun time building both structures.
Definitely more challenging to build with "helpers".
I am so happy ups likes to play with my feelings and hopes. Assembly for the paradise set is a bit intimidating and I had plenty of help and excitement from Freya and Caspian. Overall, my oldest is interested and has enjoyed relaxing in a box I made just for him.
One for the cats, one for the 7 year old boy. FYI, my 17.5 pound cat has been on and in the bridge without an issue.
He’s so excited! I had to put him in a different room while I built it because he wouldn’t leave me alone!
Already claimed the box. ( Little does she know what’s inside!).
The castle has been built! We added paper to it too. Drake (brown & white tabby) and Jinx (solid black) love it. Merlin (gray & white) is curious. Kiki (tuxedo) likes it if you are playing with her. Winnie (tortie) was more interested in the packaging.
My Paradise kit arrived the other day, our younger cat Loki was already jumping around inside while building ready to play.Easy to put together, really easy to pack away and store .We’ve already changed it a few times and loving how customizable everything .
Not great with recording. But here's Pepper making herself home immediately.

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